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Why We Use Our Finish

Why We Use Our Finish?

Here at Venture Games, we pride ourselves on being the best in everything we do, from the materials that we use to the methods of construction to the products used to finish our shuffleboards. The finish on your playfield helps to both protect it from damage as well as give it that professionally-crafted look. Other companies use finishes that we believe are of lower quality as they either lack durability, flexibility, or both. 

We are shuffleboard purists who enjoy the feel and play of traditional lacquer and believe that everyone should be able to have this experience on their boards. To set ourselves apart from the competition, we spent over five years developing a synthetic lacquer that meets our high standards by providing extreme durability and a high level of flexibility. These key elements ensure that our shuffleboards will remain in peak condition, allows users to make necessary adjustments to their playfield, and gives the board a high-standard look that we pride ourselves on.


Why We Use Our Finish


Our finish demands the best quality hard rock maple butcher block to be used, which ensures that we will never cut corners regarding the raw materials we use in our products. Our handmade shuffleboards are made to the customers’ exact specifications and made using the finest quality materials. Our lacquer finish highlights add to their artistic beauty while preserving them throughout everyday use. We are so confident in the quality of our finish that we offer our customers a lifetime warranty on residential shuffleboards and an 8-10 year warranty on shuffleboards for commercial settings. 


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