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Waxing Your Shuffleboard

Waxing Your Shuffleboard

If you own a shuffleboard table, then odds are it receives quite a bit of use! Like all things, your shuffleboard will become dirty over time and need to be cleaned. In addition to cleaning your shuffleboard, your table should also be waxed regularly. 

While waxing your table may seem like a difficult task, it is fairly simple. Here is a guide for you to follow to wax your shuffleboard in order to keep it in pristine condition.


Traditional Shuffleboard Table Finish

Determining the type of wood that your shuffleboard table is made from is an important part of the waxing process as different woods require different waxing methods. Traditional shuffleboard wood finishes need to be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner before starting the waxing process. This only has to be done the first time, and in the future you can skip the first step. 

1.  Clean the table with the Triple Crown Cleaner. The Cleaner draws the dirt from the table, and the oil prevents the wood from drying out.

  • A combination of ¼ cup of vinegar and a couple drops of high quality oil (olive oil, liquid wax jojoba, etc.) can be used instead of the Triple Crown Cleaner.

2.  Apply your high quality Triple Crown Shuffleboard Wax using a towel. Gently buff with a dry towel. This should be performed two or three times a month.

3.  After you’re done waxing, apply the Triple Crown Silicone Spray to seal the wax. After the first time waxing, the silicone spray may slide off the surface, but after future waxes it should adhere better.

4.  The last step is the application of the Triple Crown Shuffleboard Powder Wax. The correct amount to apply takes some practice. The pucks should be able to slide freely across the table. If it fails to slide freely, then you will need to wipe away the excess.

The Triple Crown Maintenance Kit containing the Cleaner, Liquid Wax, and Silicone Spray can be purchased here. The Triple Crown Shuffleboard Powder Wax can also be purchased on its own here.


Polymer Finish Tables

This type of material is easier to clean as you can use just about any multipurpose cleaner – including window cleaner – and skip the first two steps above. 

After you’ve adequately cleaned the table, you can then proceed to step 3 above. A shuffleboard table made from polymer should be cleaned two or three times a month, just like a traditional wood finish choice.


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