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Waxing Your Shuffleboard

Waxing Your Shuffleboard

If you own a shuffleboard table, then odds are it receives quite a bit of use! Like all things, your shuffleboard will become dirty over time and need to be cleaned. In addition to cleaning your shuffleboard, your table should also be waxed regularly. So, “Waxing Your Shuffleboard” is the most important thing!

While waxing your table may seem complicated, it is relatively simple. Here is a guide for you to follow to wax your shuffleboard to keep it in pristine condition.

Reasons to Wax Your Shuffleboard

Playing on a table without wax may cause it to age more quickly, reduce its thickness (an essential quality for effective gameplay), and compromise its wood finishes, particularly if it has a traditional finish. 

You should spray the playfield rather than douse it in wax while distributing it along the table. By doing this, you will avoid spending money on brushes to remove extra wax from the playing surface and into the alleys.


Shuffleboard powder wax varies widely. Also, many types of wax give play distinct levels of speed. The right amount of shuffleboard powder must be calculated by the players before being applied to the shuffleboard table.

Also, you want to think about the size of your table and the effects that the various shuffleboard wax levels will have on the game. More extended tables should have a few higher grade waxes spread throughout them, while shorter tables should have lower grade waxes to encourage adequate speed for each play to get to the other end. All tables should be used shuffleboard wax to obtain the additional benefit, which is a longer lifespan, even though shorter lengths necessitate slower grade waxes.

While shuffleboard wax won’t necessarily increase the thickness of your table, it will help you keep it that way for a long time.

Waxing Your Shuffleboard


Traditional Shuffleboard Table Finish

Determining the type of wood your shuffleboard table is made from is an integral part of the waxing process, as different woods require different waxing methods. Traditional shuffleboard wood finishes must be cleaned with an appropriate cleaner before starting the waxing process. This only has to be done the first time, and you can skip the first step in the future.

  1. Clean the table with the Triple Crown Cleaner. The Cleaner draws the dirt from the table, and the oil prevents the wood from drying out.
    • A combination of ¼ cup of vinegar and a couple of drops of high-quality oil (olive oil, liquid wax jojoba, etc.) can be used instead of the Triple Crown Cleaner.
    • The vinegar’s acidity dissolves the dust and grime that develop on your shuffleboard over time. Since bases like olive oil or wood polish replenish moisture drained from wooden surfaces caused by acids, the lacquer finish is preserved for extended periods of time.
    • Adding oils or wood polish to the water and vinegar mixture is optional, but doing so will enhance the gloss and give your shuffleboard new life. Depending on usage, you should clean your shuffleboards between 1-3 times each month.
  1. Apply your high-quality Triple Crown shuffleboard wax using a towel. Gently buff with a dry towel. This should be performed two or three times a month.
  2. After waxing, apply the Triple Crown Silicone Spray to seal the wax. After the first time waxing, the silicone spray may slide off the surface, but it should adhere better after future waxes.
  3. The last step is the application of the Triple Crown Shuffleboard Powder Wax. The correct amount to apply takes some practice. The pucks should be able to slide freely across the table. If it fails to slide freely, you must wipe away the excess.

The Triple Crown Maintenance Kit containing the Cleaner, Liquid Wax, and Silicone Spray can be purchased here. The Triple Crown Shuffleboard Powder Wax can also be purchased here.

Silicone Spray

You could also spray silicone all over the shuffleboard table to improve the quality of your plays. Similar to shuffleboard wax, you should use specialized silicone sprays that are available online or in maintenance packs with other shuffleboard accessories. Just spray your table in a sweeping motion.

Polymer Finish Tables

This material is easier to clean as you can use just about any multipurpose cleaner – including window cleaner – and skip the first two steps above. 

After adequately cleaning the table, you can proceed to step 3 above. A shuffleboard table made from polymer should be cleaned twice a month, just like a traditional wood finish.


Although proper maintenance might initially seem like a hassle, it’s crucial to maximize the longevity of your shuffleboard table. It will become automatic after a few repetitions of the procedure. 

A responsible shuffleboard owner must use shuffleboard powder to maintain their shuffleboard table in excellent condition. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can maintain your shuffleboard table and keep it looking and playing its best.

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