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Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table

Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table

A great game can occur when you take care of the shuffleboard table! Here are some ways how you can be Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table: 

Clean Your Shuffleboard Table 

Playing a game of shuffleboard is fun! However, the owner has to clean their shuffleboard table for the joy of the game to continue. The finish on the table is your basis appropriately. 

Lacquer finish, which presents itself as colored or clear wood, is durable and tough. To clean this finish, wipe it with furniture wax using a lint-free cloth to maintain good condition. The kind of wax must suit wood. Do this at regular intervals as necessary or every month at most.

Traditional shuffleboard tables with natural wood finish are simple to clean. Put a ¼ cup combination of vinegar and water. Create the best outcome by putting in little drops of wood polish. These release rich tones from the wood.

Handling a polymer finish needs a wipe of a wet rag. Certain chemicals may cause harm to the shuffleboard, so if using a cleaner, stay on the safe side by using cleaners specifically for polymer finish or glass. 


Climatic Adjusters

Take care of your shuffleboard table with climatic adjusters. Adjusting your shuffleboard is necessary to ensure that the slight curvature of the board is correct. Fluctuations in temperature due to the changing of the seasons often causes changes in the curvature of the playfield. If the climatic adjusters are not corrected, the pucks may not slide straight down the playfield and curve inward or outward from the center of the playfield.


Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table


Putting a Table Cover

Utilize a cover for your shuffleboard for protection when it is not in use. Without a cover, dust may accumulate as well as damage from beverage spills and rings from items being placed directly on the playfield.



After much use, the finish on your shuffleboard begins to wear out. Taking the time to properly refinish the playfield will extend the lifespan of your shuffleboard and give it that “brand new” look. For additional information on the refinishing process of your board, see our other post on how to restore your shuffleboard.


Wax Shuffleboard

Another way to clean shuffleboard tables is to apply wax regularly. It is responsible for keeping the table smooth and pleasant. By having it, the playfield is kept safe as the absence of wax can lead to surface scratches and grooves from the weights. If you are unaware of how to wax your shuffleboard, see our other post on how to wax your shuffleboard.


Clean Shuffleboard Pucks

Apart from maintaining shuffleboard cleanliness, the pucks also need regular attention. You can clean shuffleboard pucks with a soft towel. The goal is for the wax to clear up on the surface. Afterward, the dirt can be removed with a glass cleaner or an all-purpose spray. It must have an equal distribution before wiping.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table like a pro!

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