Here at Venture Games we rely on three things: Character, Quality and History. Who we are translates to everything Venture does from our choices of the highest quality materials to our dedication for a superb customer experience and highest quality shuffleboard tables in the world. Never sacrificing one for another. In this, we have assembled a team of like minded artisans that elevate Venture Games in each of their exacting ways.

With roots that date back more then 90 years, Venture Games has been crafting game tables for over 2 decades. As the premier American manufacturer of shuffleboard, ping pong, foosball and custom billiard tables; Venture prides itself of delivering the highest quality game table and superb customer service experience.

We stand by each of our Shuffleboard and Game Tables

Each Venture shuffleboard table or game table is built to order in our Tyrone, Georgia manufacturing facility new to the family in March of 2018.

Venture Games is fiercely protective of the playability of all the games we make. If it’s not fun, you won’t play. We are exacting in our engineering and development to ensure that every aspect of our game tables fold seamlessly into the game. This creates an environment of fun around each Venture product because let’s be honest, flawless is fun.

Not sure what size shuffleboard is right for you? Here are some simple tips to help decide on the correct size for your shuffleboard table:

  • Measure the entire space you have allocated for your shuffleboard table. Reduce that number by in a minimum of 24” per side to play. The remaining is the maximum size table you can purchase.
  • Think about how your shuffleboard table will be moved into your space. Do you have steps, hallways, elevators? These may reduce the maximum size shuffleboard table you can purchase.
  • The third and final tip is to consider your budget. Venture shuffleboard tables are offered in a wide variety of budgets from $2000-$20,000. The budget may also factor in to the maximum size shuffleboard table you can purchase. Smaller tables are generally less expensive.

Still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to the Venture sales team or one of our authorized Venture Games dealers located on our Dealer page.

Game Rules

Interested in other tables and products?

We build custom ping pong, foosball tables and just recently added cornhole boards to the mix.  These games are built to last and pass down from generation to generation.  Each of our game tables are unique and hand built for you in Tyrone, Georgia.