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Great Venues for Shuffleboard In Vancouver, Canada

Shuffleboard is a popular activity all throughout North America, including in Vancouver, Canada. In many places in Vancouver, the number of venues for shuffleboard and pool are going to be comparable, and pool has been the quintessential bar game for a long time. People who like to play Foosball, pool, and shuffleboard will often be able to get all three games in the same place, where they will be regarded as equal. People who are very skilled at shuffleboard and who would love to play it in a more formal setting will also have options in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver Bars and Taverns With Shuffleboard Tables

Woman playing shuffleboard

There are a number of bars in Vancouver, Canada that have shuffleboard tables, including:

  • The Blackbird Public House has a great atmosphere. Some people go there for birthday celebrations and some people just go there for a rest. Opportunities for good games of shuffleboard are available to everyone. The Blackbird Public House is located at 905 Dunsmuir St.
  •  The Royal Canadian Legion is located at 2205 Commercial Drive, and people can get an authentic and quality dive bar experience here. This bar actually has a Scrabble night,however shuffleboard is consistently available there.
  • The Butcher & Bullock has a great cocktail menu selection and great beer. Customers have spoken highly of the staff, as well. It also has shuffleboard and pool available each and every day. People can visit the Butcher & Bullock bar at 911 W Pender St.
  • The Metropole Community Pub is available at 320 Abbott St. It is well-known for its very low prices with regards to both the beer and the food. People can eat and drink there for cheap before and after they enjoy the Foosball, pool, and shuffleboard accommodations. For more places to play shuffleboard in Vancouver, click here.

Naturally, shuffleboard is popular enough at bars and public houses throughout Vancouver that there are other bars Vancouver logoand public houses that include shuffleboard tables. However, some of these bars and public houses are going to be more well-known and well-regarded than others. People will develop their own favorite places among all of the
available options.

Official Shuffleboard Leagues in Vancouver

Some people who are really skilled at shuffleboard might want to take their game to the next level. Vancouver has enough shuffleboard players that there is a higher level for them.  Some of the higher level opportunities to explore are:

The Long Shuffleboard Association of British Columbia

This league is available for the local individuals who are interested in competing in shuffleboard at this level. People who are looking for long board leagues are going to have a difficult time finding one outside of the Long Shuffleboard Association of British Columbia, at least as far as Canada goes.

British Columbia Shuffleboard Association

Short board playing opportunities are much more common throughout Canada, and the British Columbia Shuffleboard Association is perfect for local people looking for a short board league.

Shuffleboard is very popular in Vancouver in almost all age groups throughout the area. People can play short board shuffleboard and long board shuffleboard, even though the short board shuffleboard opportunities are going to be more. Those who are interested in playing in leagues eventually can get their start by playing in bars throughout the area. At that point, they can move on to compete at a higher level.

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