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20 March 2015

Shuffleboard Table Buying For Beginners

Shuffleboard is a game from Europe that is believed to be 500 to 600 years old. Played by four players (doubles) or two players (singles). It’s a game in which participants push metal-and-plastic weighted pucks down a smooth and long wooden table into a scoring area at the other end of the table. So if you want to buy your own table, what should you look out for? Below are some of the features that you should consider when buying a shuffleboard table.

Important Shuffleboard Table Features

Shuffleboard size

Shuffleboards are fairly narrow and long usually between 16 and 20 inches in width. The length ranges from nine feet to 22 feet. A professional table is 20 inches wide and 22 feet long. A professional size shuffleboard is best for all players who want to compete. Measure the size of the room in order to decide the best shuffleboard table size to buy. Shuffleboards need at least two sides for players to slide and retrieve their pucks. Snap-back shuffleboards measure about seven feet in length.They usually have an electronic score keeper attached.

Shuffleboard design

Tables are designed with a slight concave curve in the table. This design reduces the likelihood of the puck sliding off the side of the board. The best cabinets are made of solid hardwood and have veneer panels. If you can’t afford the wood cabinet, then a good quality laminated cabinet will do as well. The best shuffleboard surfaces are the ones that have a¬†smooth sanding and finished with a high-quality polymer coating that provides a shiny surface for the pucks. You should consider the different options of scoring grids that are marked on both ends of the table.

Shuffleboard glue design

Ensure that shuffleboards are sturdy. This provides a consistent playing surface. Most boards are held together by a special glue to form a single even surface.

Shuffleboard climatic adjusters

These are found underneath the shuffleboards and are hinged, threaded metal bars that allow you to adjust the surface for climatic changes such as humidity and temperature. Read our previous post about adjusting climatic adjusters here.

Shuffleboard surface finish

The quality of the finish significantly affects the quality of game-play over time. The boards should run vertically on the playing surface and not horizontal. The top coating should be a high-quality polymer surface. Polymer coating provides a shiny and smooth finish. High-quality tables use American-made polymer resin for the top finish.

Shuffleboard wood grain

The best wood is solid North American maple wood or white maple. Maple wood tables are very hard and sturdy, and not likely to be affected by climatic conditions. You can also buy tables made from Russian birch and Canadian soft maple woods. You should not pay top dollar for a table that only features a maple surface.

Your Shuffleboard AccessoriesShuffleboard Score Keeper

You should consider the following accessories when purchasing a shuffleboard:

a. Shuffleboard polish

It is used to keep your shuffleboard looking and performing its best at all times. It helps remove the buildup of shuffleboard wax and other materials so that it can last longer.

b. Shuffleboard pucks

These are made from hard plastic and have steel rings around the edges to protect them during play. They should be 2-1/8 inches in diameter.

c. Shuffleboard wax

It helps pucks glide across the surface smoothly and consistently. It’s usually a powder that is also referred to as speed powder.

d. Shuffleboard covers

This is a very important accessory that is used to protect your shuffleboard from dust and sunlight when not in use.

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