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Shuffleboard Table Buying For Beginners

Shuffleboard is a game that has roots as far back as Henry VIII where noblemen and commoners alike would play a gambling game where each player would send a “groat” (coin) down the dining table and the player with the closest groat would keep all the groats on the table. It migrated to the US sometime around the turn of the last century and several companies began manufacturing table shuffleboards in the US. It’s a game in which participants push metal-and-plastic weighted pucks down a smooth and long wooden table into a scoring area at the other end of the table. Shuffleboard can be played with two players (singles) or four players (doubles). Below are some of the features that you should consider before buying a shuffleboard table.

Important Shuffleboard Table Features

Shuffleboard Size

When choosing the shuffleboard size, there are three factors to consider: the size of the space where the table will be, the access into the space and the budget for the shuffleboard. To determine the maximum size table that can be accommodated in the room, you must measure the entire space (wall or room) and subtract 4′ from the measurement for the table size.

When thinking about the size also think about how the table will get into the room of choice. Remember that maple does not bed. Be mindful of stairs, walls with corners and elevators. The last factor is to decide on the maximum budget of the shuffleboard, the bigger the board, the bigger the budget needed.

Shuffleboard Design

Venture tables have many cabinet designs but they all are engineered to support the playfield. There is a symbiotic relationship between the cabinet and playfield, that is to say the structure of the cabinet is very important to the play of the shuffleboard table. Each Venture shuffleboard is designed for durability, longevity, playability and beauty so whichever Venture table is selected will be just the right fit.

Shuffleboard Playfield

At the heart of the game of shuffleboard is the butcher block playfield. Venture Games provides a lifetime of play with a strict system in place to ensure the best quality raw materials go into each playfield. The raw hardwood rails are bundled and sit for 6 months to air dry and then are kiln dried for 30 days. This process creates a moisture content in the wood that is held at between 5-1/2% and 6-1/2% overall. The rails are then sent through the jointer where they are joined together into a finished playfield. There is sanding, screening and then a proprietary synthetic lacquer applied to the finished playfield for a thin, smooth finish that moves with the maple rails and does not pull or twist the wood in any way. All of these processes are in place to create a fun, flawless game of shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters

Climatic adjusters are imperative in a shuffleboard table. All Venture Games shuffleboard tables have climatic adjusters. Climatic adjusters help in providing resistance against movement during humidity and temperature changes. Climatic adjusters coupled with the kiln dried wood playfields help keep the play straight and true.

A climatic adjuster is the mechanics behind keeping the long playfields playing straight. On sport tops (16″) this is created with a hardwood brace fixed to the underside of the playfield with 3 bolts, in specific locations along the playfield. On pro tops (20″), this is achieved with two metal triangle brackets with a threaded rod connecting them, bolted to specific locations on the underside of the playfield.


Your Shuffleboard Accessories

When choosing your Venture Games shuffleboard table, there are several accessories that you should consider, as well. All Venture shuffleboard tables ship with a full maintenance kit, can of powdered wax and a set of domestically manufactured Venture shuffleboard weights.

In both residential and commercial settings, extra wax should be considered. In residential use, you should consider 3-6 extra cans. This will keep you playing for up to a year before needing to reorder product. In a commercial setting, consider 12-24 cans of extra wax.

Dust covers are very helpful to keep dust and unwanted fingers off tables when they are not in play. Also consider a buffet  or dining top manufactured in the same wood and style of your shuffleboard to allow multi use of your shuffleboard for food service or extra seating.



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