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Where To Play Shuffleboard In Ontario, Canada

Shuffleboard is regularly being called ‘not your grandpa’s game’ as the game continues to gain younger players. It is an increasingly growing hobby that a lot of people of varying ages have grown to enjoy and love. What’s even better is that you can find a lot of shuffleboard clubs all around including Ontario, Canada.

Not only is Ontario, Canada a beautiful place to visit and even live, but you will find some absolutely great places where you can play shuffleboard. In this article we will name some of the very best places that you will be able to find in Ontario, Canada to play shuffleboard. There are well over 20 shuffleboard clubs in Ontario, Canada and you can find somewhere to play shuffleboard any day and any time of the week.

Five Shuffleboard Spots In Ontario

1. Land-O-Lakes Shuffleboard Club

529 Ottercreek Rd
Tweed, ON K8N3J0

The Land-O-Lakes Shuffleboard Club is a favorite location for many. This club has 16 courts; each court is on very good concrete and each court happens to be very well marked. It’s a great place to go to on a weekly basis during it’s shuffleboard season to relax, have fun and enjoy the wonderful game. They are open on Tuesdays at 1 p.m. and only for the months of May through August. They have an annual membership fee of $5, but if you want to just play shuffleboard for the day you can and it’s only $2.

2. Renfrew Club

164 Argyle St.

Renfrew, ON K7V 4A3

The second club that we want to make mention of is the Renfrew Club. This club is located at the Air Force Association building; they are open every Tuesday at 1 p.m. and they are open all year long. This club also participates in competitions and has won many medals. One thing a lot of people like about this club is the fact that there’s a lot of good competition here. Not only is there competition but they also offer instructional sessions for free. So whether you’re a novice or a pro, this is a wonderful club to play at.

3. Midland Shuffleboard Club

365 Horrell Ave
Midland, ON L4R 2A5

The third club we will mention is the Midland Shuffleboard Club. The Midland Shuffleboard Club has 4 courts that are outside. It was recently resurfaced and painted which has given it a better surface to play on. The Midland Shuffleboard Club also has summer tournaments on a yearly basis. They are open 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Their hours are 1 p.m. until about 3 p.m. Within that time period, you can get in 3 games. The Midland Shuffleboard Club offers a non-competitive, yet fun place where you can play shuffleboard (with the exception of the summer tournament); each game picks the players’ spots randomly so it’s deemed fair for those that are playing.

4. Thedford Shuffleboard Club

16 Allen Street,

Thedford, On. N0M 2N0

The Thedford Shuffleboard Club is a great club that visitors and members alike enjoy to play at. This is an excellent place for people that want to play just to have a relaxing time or if you want to play in a group to see who the best player is. One of the great things members and visitors love about the Thedford Shuffleboard Club is that it’s open year-round. So it’s not just a place that has specific days or seasons in which you can play the game, but you can play whenever you want to. Not only are they open year round, but they also offer complimentary coffee and sweet treats that everyone can enjoy in between games.

5. Ancaster Shuffleboard ClubShuffleboard Techniques

622 Alberton Road South

Ancaster, ON

The Ancaster Shuffleboard Club is said to have some of the best courts in Ontario, without any question. The courts are fast and very fun- everyone who’s ever played there really enjoys themselves and has a great time playing. The Ancaster Shuffleboard Club is looking forward to holding several competitions and themed games. It was once a dilapidated place but since it has been worked on and resurrected, it is definitely a place that many enjoy to play at and look forward to going to play on a regular basis.

Discover More Places To Play

These are just the top five clubs in Ontario, Canada but there are many more that are just as great. If you’re looking for more competitive shuffleboard options visit the International Shuffleboard Association here.

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