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Shuffleboard Accessories For Every Table

Owners of shuffleboard tables have a number of useful and stylish accessories available to make maintenance, play and scoring a breeze. Most owners are in need of brushes to keep tables clean and, of course, every shuffleboard table needs weights. Most serious players demand that a T-square is available. Different styles of scoreboards are available that allow both players and observers to keep track of shuffleboard play during tournaments, competitions and friendly day-to-day get-togethers.

7 Must- Have Shuffleboard Accessories

1. Weights: Venture Shuffleboard offers precision machined shuffleboard weights available in three styles: medium, regulation and Alumicap. Weights offered are perfect for competition or bar use and are made to Table Shuffleboard Association (TSA) specifications. Each is hardened and hand-polished and offers a pit-free finish. The Alumicap option gives weights a stand-out look. Venture Shuffleboard weights are made in the United States and make perfect gifts for owners of any shuffleboard table owner.Shuffleboard Weights

2. Triangle Scoreboard: Let everyone in the bar keep track of the action! This score-keeping unit is perfect for bar owners, home owners or anyone else who hosts shuffleboard tournaments and is need of a low-profile, scoring solution. The scorekeeper is manufactured from durable hardwood that may be stained to match tables. Score-keeping controls may be mounted either on the shuffleboard table or the scoreboard itself. Scores are displayed on large, visible-from-a-distance LED displays.

3. T-Square: For those involved in serious tournament play, a T-square is a necessity. Casual and recreational shuffle-boarders also appreciate the convenience of resolving play-related disputes and gauging shots afforded by the tool. This T-square is made from Hard Rock maple and finished with a matte lacquer.

4. Shuffleboard Lights: Installing a shuffleboard table and finding that the playing surface is not well enough lit is a common occurrence. The level of lightening in many bars and pubs can be less than ideal for shuffleboard play. Table lights completely solve this trouble. Lights available from Venture Shuffleboard are designed specifically for illuminating shuffleboard tables and are made to last for many years of worry-free use.

5. Shuffleboard Dust Cover: Keeping a shuffleboard table clean and free from dust is important to its continued Shuffleboard Dust Covergood service. When not in use, friends and customers may be tempted to rest drinks or other items on playing surfaces. By using a dust cover table surfaces are kept clean and free from contamination when not in use. Covers available from Venture Shuffleboard are designed to fit all standard shuffleboard table sizes and designs.

6. Shuffleboard Brush: Constructed from Hard Rock maple with mahogany accents and soft carpet on the underside; the table cleaner matches with most bar and recreation room decor. This brush from Venture Shuffleboards allows shuffleboard table owners to clean playing surfaces before applying new wax and keep tables in top condition at all times.

7. 18-Inch Round Score: This is a great score-keeping option for both bar and home shuffleboard owners who host tournament and league play. The face of the round score has an 18-inch diameter and features easily-seen digital LED score displays. The display is available in a range of colors to match with any room’s style.

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