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Where to Play Shuffleboard in Houston, Texas

Shuffleboard is becoming increasingly popular everywhere, and Houston Texas is no exception. As a result, you can find various establishments where you can play this exciting game in the area. Here are some of the many places to play shuffleboard in Houston, Texas.

Top Five Spots For Some Houston Shuffleboard

1. Cozy Corner

11530 Burdine St
Ste A
Houston, TX 77035

Locals and tourists alike love playing shuffleboard at this establishment. Not only is it conveniently located where all the action is, but the friendliness of the staff and the amazing atmosphere has people visiting frequently. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to spend a few hours playing shuffleboard with friends, or if you want to make a day of it, you will absolutely love playing at Cozy Corner. Just like the name implies, Cozy Corner is a fun and cozy place to unwind and play a few rounds of this game that is rapidly gaining in popularity.

2. PJ’s Sports Bar

614 W Gray St
Houston, TX 77019

This place is full of atmosphere, and in addition to the great shuffleboard and other games, you will love the food and drinks, as well. They offer a full menu, which consists of everything from snacks to salads, as well as steak and more. You also have the option of enjoying UFC fights on their large flat screen TVs, or if you prefer, you can focus on improving your skills at shuffleboard. It’s easy to enjoy hours of fun at PJ’s, because you will have so much fun that the time will fly by.

3. Taps House of Beer

5120 Washington Ave
Houston, TX 77007

This is yet another amazing place in Houston, TX to enjoy playing shuffleboard. Taps House of Beer also offers other great games, including super-sized versions of Jenga, Connect 4, and more. You will not only enjoy the games, but you will love the beer and delicious food, as well. Choose from nachos, pizza, and other sports bar favorites.

4. Sunny’s Bar

902 Capitol St
Houston, TX 77002

Whether you’re looking to play foosball, billiards and shuffleboard, or simply shuffleboard, Sunny’s Bar is the place for you. Conveniently located downtown, this bar offers food and fun for everyone. The menu consists of popular sports bar choices like pizza, beer, and even Jello shots, and their prices are very affordable.

5. Moon Tower Inn

3004 Canal St
Houston, TX 77003

If you like playing shuffleboard while enjoying some wild game, then the Moon Tower Inn is the place for you. While they offer burgers, sandwiches and tacos, they also offer the most delectable wild game hot dogs, including wild boar, buffalo, lamb, deer, elk and more. You could easily spend the entire day at the Moon Tower Inn, playing games, drinking spirits, and hanging out with friends.

Regeneration Of ShuffleboardDowntown Houston Texas

Many people associate playing shuffleboard with the elderly, due to its popularity in nursing homes. This is likely due to the fact that minimal activity is necessary to play the game. However, younger adults, and even children and teens are discovering just how awesome playing shuffleboard can be. This is why more and more venues are making this addictive game available within the Houston, Texas area.

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