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How to Play Foosball

How to Play Foosball

How to play Foosball, or Table Football, seems like an easy enough concept, put the ball in your opponent’s goal while keeping it out of yours by strategically pushing and/or pulling the payer rods. The first to five is the Victor. However, operating under those guidelines leaves a lot open to interpretation and can have players flailing the player rods around haphazardly until they land a goal. And while the game of Foosball seems best suited for most college dorms and dive bars, there is still an essence of sophistication in playing the game properly. Hopefully this article on How To Play Foosball helps!

The Rules on How to Play Foosball

Foosball Table
Foosball – Champion Model Table

For example, did you know that there are time limits on how long the ball can linger on player rods? 10 seconds on the 5-player rods and 15 seconds on both the 2- and 3-player rods.

While it may seem logical that if you give the player rod some sort of “super” spin, if the the player rod successfully makes a goal after the player has spun 360 degrees, the goal does not count. If the ball reaches certain territories which render it unplayable, depending on the placement of the ball, it is to be put back in play by either the nearest goalie or the by the team who last served the ball.

Advanced Foosball Strategies

After the basics are outlined, advance techniques and strategies are great ways to increase the amount of fun in the sport of Foosball. The game can be looked at geometrically, similar to billiards and table tennis, in that instead of hitting the ball dead-on and lining the players directly in front of the goal, use the angles. You’ll have more control over your ball if you keep the player close to it as oppose to swinging wide.

Practice your Wrist Flick – while holding onto the rod handle, throw your wrist hard down toward the floor.

Defensive strategies are equally as important as the offensive. Some good defensive strategies are to stagger your player rods in order to block more paths toward the goal. Try taking a controlled shot after bringing the striking opponent’s shot to a halt. Also avoid bouncing the ball across the table, if you merely deflect on the defense the ball can easily get back into your opponent’s possession.

Play On A Good Foosball Table!

Our final tip is to play on a good Foosball table! Here at Venture Shuffleboards we are proud to carry the best quality Rene Pierre line of Foosball tables. These tables are best of the best and are sure to make your game of Foosball a lot more enjoyable! Check out our different Foosball tables here.

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