Ping Pong

Ping Pong Tables

Ping pong is one of those classic games that never gets old.  Venture makes unique a custom ping pong table that can fit in any space because of it’s ability to double as dining or work table but able to be cleared and used as a ping pong table.  Just like our shuffleboards, our ping pong tables are custom made with the highest quality wood and materials but most importantly, built to last.

Custom Ping Pong Table

What is a custom ping pong table?  Well, at Venture we make quality products made solid materials and is one of a kind.  We hand pick our wood from places that care about the environment and use almost every part of the wood we purchase.  Each of our tables is not only a great playing surface but something you want to feature in your home.  No more are game tables subject to being only designated to a game room or a man-cave.  We create an elegant space that you are proud to show off to your friends.

You will not find a more versatile and durable custom ping pong table.

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