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Knock Off – The Standard Shuffleboard Game

The most common shuffleboard game variation is probably “Knock Off,” which can be played in singles (one vs. one) or doubles (two vs. two). One player from each team stands on either side during a doubles match. The objective of the Knock off shuffleboard game is to score 15 points or more.

Are you excited to try another shuffleboard game? Knock Off is the one for you!

To play an exciting indoor or outdoor shuffleboard game, rules exist for you to follow. These organize the game and encourage fair play. Here are the rules for Knock Off – one of the most common ways to play knock off shuffleboard

How to Play Knock off shuffleboard?

It is good practice for players of shuffleboard table games to shake hands as a sign of sportsmanship. Afterward, they toss a coin as the basis of who plays first. Teams for blue and red hold weighted pucks on the playing field. Taking alternate turns, each team player moves the puck over the shuffleboard table surface. The goal is for the puck to reach a position nearest the end of the table. That is while staying inside the playing field surface.

As part of the shuffleboard rules, you can hit the opponent’s puck while sliding yours on the table. The puck of the other team can go to the alley as your puck enters the zone for a higher score.

  1. A round is complete when all eight pucks move on the playing field. After a round, the nearest puck to the table’s end gets points. Other conditions to have a score are when the puck is on the table and above the foul line.
  2. For a game with two players, the one with a total of 15 points wins! In a doubles game with four players, 21 points are the final score for the winner!
  3. A singles game allows players to visit the opposite end of the table and see where the pucks are. However, when it is a doubles game, the rules of shuffleboard want players for the same team to stand across each other from each end. Pucks slide on opposite ends alternately. Players have two games together, and they gather the scores. Curiosity for the puck position comes from the teammate.
  4. In the scenario that a puck stays over the table edge, the score is 4. When a piece lands in one of the scoring zones, the player receives the corresponding points as 1, 2, or 3. For the instance, if it touches a line, follow the lowest zone score.
  5. Removal of 1 point occurs on certain conditions:
    • Hands that rub over the playing field surface
    • Holding your puck during an opponent’s turn
    • A player’s lower body goes beyond the edge of the table
    • Concrete shuffleboard rules want the hands away from the table during a game
    • While a game is ongoing, touching gutter pucks as this can cause table vibration
    • Standing near the table and interfering with a rival’s turn.


These concrete shuffleboard rules exist for an organized and exciting game!


  1. Scoring: Each round’s winner is whoever or whatever team’s puck is closest to the board’s edge. The sum of all your pucks in the round that goes past your opponent’s farthest weight counts towards your score. A point is awarded for every inch between the foul and 2-point lines.


A weight across the 2 or 3 lines counts for the number of points specified for that table section. Look at weights that are near the line from above. For them to be considered the higher value, they must be above the line. “Hangers” are weights that extend past the end of the board. They are worth 4 points.


  1. Alternate turns: Players or teams slide their pucks until all pucks have been played. The winner is the player or team with the most points at the end of the round.


  1. Winning the game: The Knock Off shuffleboard game is usually played to a predetermined number of points, such as 50 or 75 points. The winner is the first player or team to reach the agreed-upon number of points.


Additional rules: It may have additional knock off shuffleboard rules, such as the requirement to score exactly 50 points to win or penalties for knocking a puck off the board. Be sure to establish any additional rules before beginning play.


Knock Off is a classic shuffleboard game that many people worldwide enjoy. It is a game that requires skill and strategy, as players try to knock off their opponent’s pucks while landing their own in the highest-scoring sections of the board. With its simple Knock Off shuffleboard rules and competitive gameplay, Knock Off shuffleboard is a great way to spend time with friends and family.


So, you need to follow these rules for Knock Off! Don’t forget to read this guide before playing the game!

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