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How to Use Table Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters 

How to Use Table Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters 

An important feature on our shuffleboards are the climatic adjusters! These tools help to ensure that the board is the proper, concave shape.

PLEASE NOTE that our shuffleboard tables and climatic adjusters are different from other boards and require special tuning to ensure the table is the proper shape and is not damaged. DO NOT use any other guide other than the one provided below when adjusting the climatic adjusters on your Venture shuffleboard.


What are Climatic Adjusters

The location of your shuffleboard table has variations in the amount of humidity and temperature that it is exposed to due to the changing of seasons. Due to these variations, climatic adjusters are used to ensure that your board maintains proper shape. These adjusters are located on the underside of the table. 


Why are these adjusting units needed for your Shuffleboard top? 

Practically all matter shrinks when exposed to cold or expands when ex­posed to heat. Common examples of finished products subject to these changes are: bridges, cement highways, railroad rails, etc. Wood is also sub­ject to these changes, plus changes of humidity in the air that occur during the seasons of the year. Examples: Sticky doors, drawers, windows, etc. 

Shuffleboard Tops are not excluded from this natural reaction. Scientific con­struction at the factory (such as is employed at Black River Shuffleboards) and constant weight by the user are important factors in greatly minimizing such reaction. However, some small degree of reaction may still take place. This can be enough to throw the top “off” temporarily, to the player’s or owner’s dissatisfaction. 

Vast sums and great effort have been expended by both private concerns and government agencies in the effort to overcome the tendency of wood to shrink or swell, but with little success to date … Black River Shuffleboards has not solved the problem chemically, but at least has solved the problem in a mechanical way by means of Climatic Adjusters. 


Climatic Adjusters

Above the diagram view of one pair of Black River Shuffleboards Climatic Adjusters in rest position. A full set consists of four or more pairs of Climatic Adjusters, depending on the length of the Board. 

Black River Shuffleboards climatic Adjusters are not recommended for cor­rection of (1) wavy surface (unless top is also resurfaced in usual manner) ; (2) Tops constructed of poorly machined or improperly seasoned lumber; (3) Tops having open glue lines between laminations; and (4) Tops having less standard Black River Shuffleboards thickness.

Check Top every week or two (if necessary) with Straight Edge and adjust the “pressure” nut slightly, as required. 

Although Black River Shuffleboards Climatic Adjusters are fastened to Shuffleboard permanently, they can be unbolted and re-installed on a new shuffleboard at any time.


How Climatic Adjusters remove humps and hollows – Pro Models

Pressure is applied by turning nut A or B. Said pressure is distributed as indi­cated by arrow, resulting in the uniform straightening of the Shuffleboard Top at the area above and adjacent to each pair of climatic Adjusters. 

The Convex (hump) condition shown above (exaggerated for purpose of illustration) may be corrected as follows: 

FIRST: Loosen Nut B completely. 

SECOND: Tighten Nut A a turn or two, slowly. Do the same to each other pair of Adjusters in rotation, for a gradual and uniform effect. 

THIRD: Repeat process a few times, as necessary, until the playing surface is true with Straight Edge . 


The Concave (hollow) condition shown above (exaggerated) may be cor­rected as follows: 

FIRST: Loosen Nut A completely. 

SECOND: Tighten Nut B a turn or two, slowly. Do the same to each other pair of adjusters in rotation, for gradual and uniform effect. 

THIRD: Repeat process a few times, as necessary, until the surface is true with Straight Edge . 



How Climatic Adjusters remove humps and hollows – Sport Models

Our Sport models are slightly different from our Pro models and that goes for our climatic adjusters as well. Below are instructions on how to level the Sport models using the climatic adjusters.

Concave Playing Surface

To create a concave surface, loosen Nut B and tighten Nut A on Bolts 1 & 3

Loosen Nut A and tighten Nut B on Bolt 2

Convex Playing Surface 

To create a convex surface, loosen Nut A and tighten Nut B on Bolts 1 & 3

Loosen Nut B and tighten Nut A on Bolt 2


Why climatic Adjusters make a difficult job easy 

Climatic Adjusters most important invention, utilizes the lever principle to convert lateral forces into equalized “push-pull” vertical forces, on the shuffleboard playing field. Thus, ample power is gently exerted to flex or bend the top in shape and keep it there! 

Climatic Adjusters are perfectly engineered in every detail of design and will not interfere with normal expansion and contraction of the playing field. They are a great boon to shuffleboard owners because they enable any­one to level up the playing field accurately – in a few – minutes using only a wrench. This means practically no expense, no pleasure lost through hav­ing a shuffleboard out of play, while guaranteeing a better, truer game at all times. The money saved through elimination of frequent and expensive resurfacing more than justifies the reasonable cost of Climatic Adjusters. No longer need you stand helplessly by while your shuffleboard playing field re­acts to the whims of the season – to the humidity of the spring and summer, to the dry heat of the fall and winter. A quick, easy and inexpensive cure can be had with. 

Climatic Adjusters. They are real “weather” insurance! 


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