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Holiday Wishes from Venture Games

With the holiday season upon us Chris and I have been reflecting on where we have come in nearly 5 years as Venture Games. Second generation, family owned business has a nice ring; it also carries a heavy weight of respecting and honoring those that have come before us. To ensure the legacy that was handed to us continues to thrive and grow.
Venture has become what sustains many families that stretch beyond our factory floor. Our marketing team, our material suppliers, our mills. These businesses depend on Venture to help sustain them. That is why we are fiercely protective of our image, our brand and our products.  
Venture is our word, our handshake, our obligation to our customers and resellers alike that by entrusting your game selection with us, that your expectations will be met or exceeded upon delivery of your shuffleboard, ping pong or foosball table. 
Thank you to all of our customers near and far who have helped sustain a company that we can honestly say puts people ahead of profits and has been able to continue to push the entire game industry forward in an ever refined style direction.
Our wish is that all of our Venture game tables will be lovingly played throughout the holiday season. Chris and I hope that this magical time of year allows you to come together with those you cherish; to laugh, play and create memories.
With deepest gratitude,
 Lizz and Chris McKay

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