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Foosball Basics – The Basics Rules

Foosball – The Basics

How to play Foosball or Table Football seems easy – put the ball in your opponent’s goal while you defend them from doing the same to your goal. This is done by strategically twisting the player rods, and the first five are declared the victor. However, this leaves many rules open for interpretation which can cause many arguments and discrepancies in play. And while the game of Foosball seems best suited for most college dorms and dive bars, there is still an essence of sophistication in playing the game properly. This article lists some basic rules that should guide your games toward a fun and fair game of Foosball Basics!

Specific Rules For Foosball Basics

1. Players cannot hold the ball with their player rods indefinitely, and there are time limits for each set of player rods – 10 seconds on the 5-player rods and 15 seconds on both the 2- and 3-player rods.

2. Many beginners employ the “strategy” of spinning the player rod as hard as possible, often causing it to rotate multiple times after hitting the ball. However, official rules state that if the player successfully makes a goal after the player has spun 360 degrees or more, the goal does not count. 

3. If the ball happens to roll to a place in which none of the players can make contact with the ball and it becomes stuck there, depending on the location, it is to be put back in play by either the nearest goalie or the by the team who last served the ball.


Foosball Basics


Additional Tips

1. Instead of mindlessly hitting the ball, think about the angles you can take to hit the ball. This can help you to maneuver around players and even score goals with players who are not directly in front of the goal.

2. Practice flicking your wrist and not spinning the player rod uncontrollably. This will help you to gain power behind your shots, understand the angles better, and ensure that your goals are legitimate.

3. Don’t forget that defense is essential to any sports game! Try and stagger your player rods so that there is no clear path to the goal for your opponent. Another good defensive strategy is to take a controlled shot immediately after stopping your opponent, as they may not be able to adjust themselves quickly enough to block. 


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