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Foosball Playing Techniques

Foosball is a game that is enjoyed by people from all over the world and has actually become a professional sport in some countries. Professionals in this sport can compete for up to $100,000. It is a wildly popular game that is as much a mental game as one that takes technique to become victorious. Every advanced foosball player knows that it takes more than just speed and pure luck to win the game. It takes certain strategies to outperform your opponent, becoming the master of the foosball table. Here are some tips that will help make you an expert at the game of table soccer, bringing your skills to new levels.

Four Foosball Techniques That Give You An Edge

1. Catching or Stopping the Foosball

If your opponent has the ball, the best way to gain control of the game once again is to stop the foosball from getting into your goal. To catch the ball, your man needs to be tilted at between 35 and 40 degrees, giving you a pocket to catch it. If you were to keep the man straight, it would be much more challenging to catch the foosball, resulting in it bouncing right off of him and back to your opponent. These catching tips from Foosball Soccer will allow you to easily strengthen your skills.

2. Passing

At some point you are going to have to pass the foosball to one of your other men, which could give the player from the other team the opportunity to steal it back. A strategy that is highly suggested by foosball.com is the “pass the ball from the 5 bar to the 3 bar” foosball strategy. By passing from the 5 bar to the 3 bar, it will be much easier to make a goal because there is less defense from the 3 bar and has a shorter distance to the goal.

3. Turning the Bars

For most people who are new to the game, gripping the bars with all of their might and making sharp turns with the wrist is a common technique. This method will actually make it very easy for your opponent to get the ball back in their possession because it will shoot the ball in quick, short distances. Instead, place your palm on the bar and move it upwards in order to provide more power with your shots.

4. Timing

Taking shots quickly whenever you have the foosball may get you a couple of goals, but your opponent will begin to predict your moves, giving them an advantage. Instead of making predictable moves, change your timing so they are unsure as to when you will make your move. For example, once you catch the ball, wait a few seconds before attacking with a power move.

Learn To Use Defense Moves

There are three types of defense moves you need to become familiar with:

  • Reaction: It is important to react quickly to your opponent’s moves. The best way to do this is by staggering your men, giving the other guy less space to get to your goal.
  • Anticipation: With fewer holes for the opponent to shoot the ball through with your men staggered, anticipate their moves to be one step ahead.
  • Obfuscation: Throwing your opponent off by creating what seems like random moves will make it difficult for them to predict what your next move will be.

Practice one or more  of these foosball playing techniques and watch your game change and gain more wins.

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