Why Buy A Venture Game Table?

Why Buy A Venture Game Table?

There are a lot of game table manufacturers out there and you can get one for really cheap.  But when you buy from a manufacturer like Venture Games, you know where it is coming from.  You know each table is hand made, not just another number on the assembly line, its in the details.  Each of our tables is one of a kind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Venture Games guarantees its game tables against defects in material or workmanship, excluding normal wear. Venture Games, at its discretion, will either repair or replace any parts that are deemed to be defective. This warranty is valid from the initial date of purchase and is subject to the manufacturers terms.

*To learn more about the warranty on a specific table, please visit that table’s page.

Venture game tables are American made to exacting specifications that are closely monitored by upper management. Each table is carefully crafted and assembled to your finish specifications and thoroughly inspected before it is packed for shipping. Our cabinets are made from both solid wood and high pressured laminates, depending on your budget and taste. Our playfields, from the smallest home models all the way up to the 22′, all are outfitted with climatic adjusters to keep the playfield performing at the highest standards throughout the seasons and years of play. Venture Shuffleboard playfields are manufactured from traditional hard rock maple, and kiln dried with a variance of 1% to 1-1/2% moisture content. This process ensures consistent and even movement of each playfield. Venture Shuffleboard playfields are finished using a synthetic lacquer finish, which has been formulated specifically for our shuffleboard tables. This finish is thin and extremely durable allowing the player to play and enjoy the wood of the table for years without risk of damaging the table itself.

As with any natural product, variations in color do occur. Our standard Grand Deluxe stain is a custom, hand mixed stain, using a formula from more than half a century ago. It is applied to raw wood, and, with any wood, the stain takes differently depending on grain and sap content.

Everyone looking for a shuffleboard wants to maximize their playing enjoyment, which has a direct impact on what size table they choose. Venture Shuffleboard’s general rule of thumb on sizing is this: measure the entire wall that your Venture Shuffleboard will occupy and subtract 48″ from that overall number. A minimum of 24″ on either side is required to shoot and play comfortably. Moving your Venture Shuffleboard into the space also needs time and thought. Are there stairs or corners to move around? Are there windows available to gain access to the space? Remember, many times your cabinet comes in two pieces, but your top is one solid piece of maple and does not bend.

Our Classic Shuffleboard is available in a coin-operated version. This includes, coin op leg & coin slot, scoring unit, lights and pingate. Pingate must be specified at time of order as “with pingate” or “without pingate”. The scoring unit is set for time and points initially, but can be modified onsite to suite your individual needs.

All Venture Shuffleboards have customizable options, from cabinet color to custom logos on the playfields. Please contact Venture Shuffleboard or an authorized dealer for details on lead times and pricing.

All Venture Shuffleboards are shipped with a standard accessory package and starter kit. This includes a full set of weights, one can of powder wax, silicone spray, liquid wax, and a liquid cleaner polish. Additional accessories are available for purchase with your table, including aluminum weight caps, table brush, table covers, buffet covers, or additional wax and maintenance products.

Venture Games recommends cleaning the playfield once a month with the liquid cleaner polish, followed by the liquid wax, which will create a protective shine. Before each session of shuffleboard, Venture Games suggests the entire playfield be treated with the silicone spray, buffed to a shine, and coated with a layer of the powdered wax. This maintenance routine should be tailored to the use of the table; the above recommendations are for average home use. Tables intended for commercial use should be cleaned weekly and sprayed daily with the silicone spray.

Venture Games has been very sensitive to issues with finish. Our loyal players and dealers have insisted on a more traditional lacquer finish that has been the industry standard for more than sixty years. As time moves forward, so have the advancements of new finishes and standards. It is the belief of Venture Games that the quality and durability of the playfield is the heart of the game. To guarantee the longevity of the playfield, we have upgraded our finish from the traditional lacquer finish to an advanced synthetic finish that is only 7mil thick to ensure that the player is feeling the play of the maple, not just the finish on top of it. The finish has been field and laboratory tested to ensure durability and consistency of play, and has earned high marks all around.

Venture Games pricing is available through any of our authorized dealers or by calling 1.800.558.5674.

Buying a Venture Game Table is as easy as contacting an authorized dealer or by calling 1.800.558.5674.

All inquiries concerning your order should be directed to the dealer you placed the order with.

All questions or concerns should be directed to the dealer you purchased your Venture Table from.

Venture Games takes every measure to ensure that our products arrive the same way they leave the factory. Venture crates and skids all shuffleboards to the specifications of the freight companies to ensure a smooth trip from dock to door. Unfortunately, damages do occur, and each crate or skid is clearly labeled with a toll free number for customers to use to contact us regarding damages. There is a 5-day window to file damage claims, so please call promptly. We encourage the person who purchased the Venture Game Table be available to receive the delivery and thoroughly inspect the exterior of the packaging for punctures or obvious damage while the driver is still present. Any damages or shorts should be noted on the delivery receipt (i.e. you receive 1 crate and you see 2 on the delivery receipt). Any extreme damage should be denied and a call immediately made to the dealer or toll free number. Click here to contact Venture Games regarding a damaged product.

If you have not been able to achieve satisfaction with your Venture Games dealer, please feel free to contact us via e-mail with any questions or concerns. Click Here to be directed to the contact page.