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A Guide To Choosing Your Ping Pong Paddle

To a casual Ping-Pong player, basic and plain paddles may work just fine for a few games once in a while. However, to a ping pong enthusiast, the basic paddle, sooner or later may become quite a limitation for playing a good game.

Purchasing a new paddle means you have more power, accuracy and control of the ball. A lot of factors should be put into consideration that may be quite confusing to a new ping pong player; from the blade shape to the rubber texture and wood type. Any wrong choice means that you’ll slow down your improvement rate.

Here’s a list of a few things that’ll help you choose your first real ping pong paddle.

6 Ping Pong Paddle Buying Tips

1. Purchase Separately a Blade and a Rubber

Don’t settle for a pre-assembled paddle unless you find one that matches your ability level and style. However, if you need a little customization, purchasing a blade and rubber separately may be the best option. You want to get the value of your money, right? A pre-made bat, especially when you can’t tell one that’s low quality from the one that perfectly suits you shouldn’t be an alternative.

2. Take Time to Compare the Blade TypeRed Ping Pong Paddle

While considering a blade type, consider how you hold your paddle. A Shakehand blade may work fine if you hold a paddle like you’re shaking hands with someone else. Alternatively, if you hold a paddle as though you’re holding a pen, then the Penhold blade would do.

Settling for grip that’s not suited for you may not work in your favor. It’ll be quite uncomfortable to hold and very difficult to control.

3. Go With a Handle Type That Feels Good

The blade type may ultimately determine the handle. There’s the;

  • Flared handle that’s thinner at the top and flares slightly at the bottom
  • Straight handle which is the same width along the handle
  • Anatomic handle, similar to the flared but widens in the middle

It is highly recommended that you hold the blade to test whether the blade you’re about to purchase sits comfortably in your hands.

4. Opt For a Blade Conforming To Your Play Style

If you’re a ping pong player involved in heavy looping, a blade with five piles should be your preferred option. But if your play style involves a lot of blocking and driving, then you’ll have to consider a blade with seven piles. Always remember: the fewer the number of piles, the more flexible the wood meaning that the speed will be slower, and there’ll be more control.

5. A One-Sided Paddle or a Two-Sided One?

A two-sided rubber could be a preferable option because they last longer and you can accommodate multiple strategies to the game. Of course purchasing two rubbers is more expensive compared to buying one, but it’s worth it.

6. Consider The Rubber’s ThicknessRed And Blue Ping Pong Paddles

To a beginner player, it is recommended between 1.5mm to 1.75mm sponge layer thickness. It allows the player have greater control over the ball.

A thinner rubber, recommended for a player with defensive strategies, increase the ability to manage the ball. Contrastingly, an aggressive player will need a thick rubber ideal for increasing the speed of the volleys.

Don’t Forget To Keep It Simple

Particularly if you’re a beginner, you won’t need a bat made with the latest high-tech blades or rubber. Purchase something that will suit you as simple as it is. Spending too much for a bat that may not work to your advantage isn’t worth it.

Ensure you purchase a good cover to store your bat. A good cover will keep your bat safe from damage.

To some people, ping pong may just be a recreational hobby, yet, to a majority, it is a competitive and fast-paced game. To them, a professional ping pong paddle may be their ticket to the Olympics. Therefore, taking your time to research the types of ping pong paddles will be extreme

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