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Building a Shuffleboard Table – It’s All In The Details

It’s All in the Details… when building a shuffleboard table, it’s not about slapping pieces of wood together and shipping them off. It’s not about a production line and the shuffleboard table is just another number for the day. It’s in the details. When Chris was a kid, the old timers taught him the right way to do things. It may be the longer way to do things, but they are the right way. And that shows with Venture Shuffelboard is building a shuffleboard table for you.

In the details creates soul and character. It’s about having craftsmen, not factory workers, building each table. The attention to detail. The overall design. The aesthetics and proportions of simple things. Like table to leg. Height of playfield in cabinet. How corners come together. It’s the personal connection to our customers. Every image of a Venture shuffleboard is an actual table. There is no CGI or photoshop. What you see is truly what you get. A table made from our craftsmen’s hands.

The Details of Building a Shuffleboard Table

Following the old timer’s advice, we hand rub the stain on all of our game tables. No spray on stain at Venture. When you hand rub stain, you get better adhesion, bond and saturation with the wood. With a spray stain finish, there is no relationship between the stain and the wood. The stain lays over the top, even when rubbed after. We recently ran across another shuffleboard table, not a Venture table, in a clubhouse.

Building a Shuffleboard Table

This table is only a year old (not a Venture shuffleboard table). The stain is a spray on finish. After only a year, the stain is flaking off.

Shuffleboard Table Build

In comparison, one of our favorite tables, made for Monday Night Brewing, in Atlanta, GA, shows no wear, well over 3 years later. The difference between a hand rubbed stain and a spray on stain is obvious.

Built into all our Shuffleboard Tables

It’s all in the details…attention to detail. Nothing is overlooked when Venture Shuffleboard is building a shuffleboard table. Tables are not mass produced. It’s how the old timers did it. They built stuff to last. It’s how we do it, at Venture. It’s how a game table turns into a treasured family heirloom. Memories are created. Moments are cherished. And families bond.


It’s all in the details…of life.

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