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Why We Use Our Finish

Why We Use Our Finish? Here at Venture Games, we pride ourselves on being the best in everything we do, from the materials that we use to the methods of construction to the products used to finish our shuffleboards. The finish on your playfield helps to both protect it from damage as well as give… continue reading

Foosball basics

Foosball – The Basics How to play Foosball or Table Football seems easy – put the ball in your opponent’s goal while you defend them from doing the same to your goal. This is done by strategically twisting the player rods, and the first five are declared the victor. However, this leaves many rules open for… continue reading

Venture Foosball Table

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Venture Foosball Table Venture Game Tables not only offers customers from a wide range of shuffleboards, but custom foosball tables as well! Our foosball tables bring the same level of quality and attention to detail as our other game tables. We are here to help in making your decision… continue reading

Ping Pong Basics

Ping Pong Basics – The Basic Rules! The origins of ping pong can be traced back to 19th century England, where it was a form of after-dinner entertainment for members of the English upper class. Ping pong is thought to have started out as something that British officers serving in British colonies came up with… continue reading

Venture Ping Pong Table

Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Venture Ping Pong Table Venture Game Tables offers customers a wide range of shuffleboards and custom ping pong tables as well! Our ping pong tables bring the same quality and attention to detail as our other game tables. We are here to help in making your decision about which… continue reading

Venture Games for Designers

Venture Games for Designers At Venture Games, we often receive orders from designers interested in utilizing our products. We offer several different services designers can take advantage of when ordering to ensure your job goes as smoothly as possible. We believe that being an industry leader is more than just providing exceptional products but also… continue reading

Where to Buy Venture Game Tables

Where to Buy Venture Game Tables? You can look at many places when buying a Venture Game table. The significant part about our company is that we have a vast network of Authorized Dealers spread throughout the country that can provide exceptional service. Whether you are just starting your search for a game table or… continue reading

Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table

Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table A great game can occur when you take care of the shuffleboard table! Here are some ways how you can be Taking Care of Your Shuffleboard Table:  Clean Your Shuffleboard Table  Playing a game of shuffleboard is fun! However, the owner has to clean their shuffleboard table for the… continue reading

Waxing Your Shuffleboard

Waxing Your Shuffleboard If you own a shuffleboard table, then odds are it receives quite a bit of use! Like all things, your shuffleboard will become dirty over time and need to be cleaned. In addition to cleaning your shuffleboard, your table should also be waxed regularly. So, “Waxing Your Shuffleboard” is the most important… continue reading

How to Use Table Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters 

How to Use Table Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters  An essential feature of our shuffleboards is the climatic adjusters! Most people don’t know, but these tools help to ensure that the board is in the proper, concave shape. So, How to Use Table Shuffleboard Climatic Adjusters? Let’s discuss this in this blog post! PLEASE NOTE that our… continue reading

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