Venture Games – Custom, Premium, Quality Tables

Venture Games is an American Made, second generation, family owned company with it’s roots dating back to 1928.

In 1997, Russell McKay purchased the assets of a established shuffleboard company and fervently began to rebuild the once great game of shuffleboard in the US. With operations in Hillside, NJ; Venture began with the clear and unwavering aim of creating a superior shuffleboard table and accessories. Russell was determined to manufacture the highest quality American made shuffleboard table, created from the hands of skilled craftsman. He not only succeeded, but flourished.

However, on November 30, 2011, tragedy struck Venture and the McKay family.  Patriarch, Russell McKay, died suddenly from a heart attack. In that devastating time, it became clear to Russell’s son, Chris, that he had to carry on his father’s legacy. With the full support of his wife, Lizz, Venture Games operations moved to Peachtree City, GA, where Chris and Lizz were resolute in their decision  to continue Russell’s dream of offering high-quality, American Made game tables. Working side by side for 18 months they expertly transformed Venture Games into the forerunner in the gaming industry for thoughtfully designed and proportioned shuffleboards and game tables.

Everything about Venture starts with family. After Russell’s death, Chris rebranded Venture with our current logo. As a phoenix rises from the ashes, so did Venture Games. Chris’ rough sketch of a shield with wings representing the strength and resilience of our family and company now adorns tables all over the globe. It is a constant reminder of Venture’s dedication to excellence in all areas.   

Today, Venture Games continues to be  the industry leader in creating the highest quality, American made game tables. Venture has expanded it’s table line to include ping-pong and foosball tables. In a country that relies more and more on foreign labor to increase profits and cut costs, Venture was, is and always will be American owned and operated. . As an American company, we see it as our responsibility to demonstrate exactly what that means, with unmatched quality and expertise. We are confident that you will recognize every inch of sound and reliable American craftsmanship. Our goal is to continue to push the industry forward with innovative designs and a business model focused on people ahead of profits.

The continued success and reputation of Venture Games could only be attained through the hard and richly woven combination of family work ethic and domestic manufacturing. . Our belief is that people who work with what they love are more likely to do right by the job and their customer. Venture Games will continue to work with the best sourced materials, the most dedicated employees, craftsman and the utmost care to bring you the highest quality, American Made game table in the industry.

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