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Chris McKay Shuffleboard TableStarted in 1997, Venture Shuffleboard began with the clear and unwavering aim of creating a superior shuffleboard table and complementary accessories. Fifteen years later, we have not lost sight of this endeavor and are committed to shining in the world of amateur and professional shuffleboard gaming.

THE PAST: In 1997 Venture purchased the assets of a larger and more established shuffleboard company and fervently began to establish a solid place within the gaming industry. With the aid and assistance of their new assets, associates, and resources, Venture was more determined than ever to provide for the needs of shuffleboard aficionados at every level.

An American Operated and Family Owned Business

THE PRESENT: In a country that relies more and more on foreign labor to increase profits and cut costs, Venture was, is, and always will be American-operated and family-owned. What does this mean? It means that your order will not end up on a cheap, impersonal assembly line. Instead it will end up on the minds and in the hands of skilled and passionate experts. It also affixes an undeniable professional integrity to the Venture brand. As an American company, we see it as our responsibility to demonstrate exactly what that means, with unmatched quality and expertise. We are confident that you will recognize every inch of sound and reliable American craftsmanship.

THE FUTURE: The growing success and reputation of Venture Shuffleboards could only be attained through the hard and richly woven combination of family work ethic and domestic construction. Our belief is that people who work with what they love are more likely to do right by the job and their customer. We will continue to work with the best materials, the most dedicated employees, and the most care to deliver what we promise–the best and most rewarding game of shuffleboard in town.

Games Rooms, Bars & Employee Perks

Our shuffleboard tables are a great “gift for him”, or holiday surprise for an in-home games room or man cave. Our custom shuffleboards and Foosball tables are also seen regularly at:

  • Bars & Lounges Nationwide
  • Arcades Across the U.S.
  • Corporate Offices and Fun Places to Work

Check out our products online and contact us with any questions you have about shuffleboards. We will be sure to find the right shuffleboard table for you.

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